Brisbane Bayside Pickleball Club - Incident Report

Unfortunately, accidents do sometimes happen.

The Brisbane Bayside Pickleball Club takes your safety seriously. Should the unfortunate happen and you experience an incident, an Incident Report Form must be filled out within 24 hours of the incident occurring. On completion of filling out the form, please send an electronic copy of the report to

All components of the form are to be completed, including:

  • Full name and contact details of the person(s) involved in the incident.
  • Date, time, and location of the incident.
  • Description of what occurred.
  • Information about the first aid provided.
  • Name and signature of the first aider or person dealing with the incident.
  • Name and signature of the person involved in the incident or their representative.

The Club management committee, together with gameplay session coordinators, shall review the incident report and consider any corrective action(s) that may be taken to minimise the risk of a future occurrence.

Click the button below to download an electronic copy of our Incident Report.