Club Newsletters

June 2024

Hello Brisbane Bayside pickleballers, Winter has definitely hit us!! Please make sure you warm up before going out on the courts. Last thing we want is to see you injured and not playing this great game.

May 2024

Hi de ho Brisbane Bayside pickleballers, I must be getting old!! Where has this year gone? Can you believe it that the year is basically half way through already!! Unfortunately, the weather impacted a lot of play this last month which resulted in quite a few sessions cancelled. We are still on the lookout for the “mythical” all-weather undercover venue, that is not already fully booked out!! Any leads, please make sure to pass them on to your session host, so we can investigate further.

April 2024

Hello Brisbane Bayside pickleballers, April was another BIG month for our club!! We hosted our inaugural Club Championships! We started pickleball sessions at 2 brand new venues! Our membership continues to grow at an astonishing rate – at the time of sending out this newsletter we are at 147 financial members!!

March 2024

Hello Brisbane Bayside pickleballers, With a Hip, Hop, Hipperty Hop welcome to the March 2024 edition of our monthly newsletter. It appears as though during the last month, we failed to appease the pickleball weather overlords as quite a number of our sessions were unfortunately washed out due to wet weather. We can’t really complain as we do need the rain, but I guess that doesn’t stop us from having a “little” whinge about not being able to play this great sport we all love.

February 2024

Hello Brisbane Bayside pickleballers, Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!! Who would have thought, after only 5 ½ months our pickleball club celebrated its 100th financial member!! This is fantastic growth for this crazy sport we all love.

January 2024

Hello all you pickleballers, Wow!! What a start to the new year!! Judging by the demand for our sessions you all MUST be pickleball addicts!! (Which is a good thing I our opinion!!)

December 2023

Hello pickleballers, Happy PICKLEBALL New Year to you all!! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas with family and friends and a safe and joyous New Year.

November 2023

Hello pickleballers, Well Summer is now definitely here!! The temperatures during the day and night have increased and so have the “summer” storms.

October 2023

Hello all pickleballers, Welcome to the first monthly newsletter of the Brisbane Bayside Pickleball Club. What an exciting and busy couple of months it has been for this brand new club covering the bayside suburbs of Brisbane/Redlands.