Club Committee

I have played squash from the age of twelve until the knees and back said “NO” fifty-three years later.

Retirement from sport was not an option. I looked into table tennis and bowls but nothing excited me until I read an article in the local paper about “Pickleball” being played at Thorneside.

I attended a game night and from the outset, I was hooked. The enthusiasm was infectious. The banter was healthy. The pain from arthritis didn’t seem to matter, they were all active and having fun and it’s a game for young and old.

All of which told me, I would like to contribute.

Hi, my name is Greg, and I heard about Pickleball about two years ago. I wanted to participate in a sport that was fun, social, and competitive and would help improve my fitness. I have enjoyed playing racquet sports throughout my life but wanted something that I could continue to play that was a little gentler on my body. This is a fun sport, come along and have a look.

Hi, my name is Jean and I am a Pickleball addict! 


I have been playing since November 2022 after being encouraged by my sister and a friend.  I now play at least 3 times a week and look forward to every session for a challenge, a good laugh, fun and exercise, with people that I now call friends.


As a youngster my parents forced me to learn tennis.  They said that if I could play a team sport, I would be able to meet people and socialize wherever I was in the world, so true with this game.  I have met so many weird and wonderful people, come along and play with us, it is life changing!

I played tennis from when I was "knee-high" through to competitively playing in my early twenties. As what normally happens, life gets in the road, and I put the racquet down to pursue study and live my life in general.

Move on some 30+ years (and basically not picking up a racquet since), some friends suggested I come and have a go at this thing they were playing called Pickleball. Like everyone who first hears this sports name, I said "What on earth is that?" "Come along" they said. "You'll enjoy it!"

So along I went, with my wife Cynthia, and the rest as they say is history!

I picked up a paddle, had a few hits, and have been hooked ever since.

That was back in February 2021 and I have been playing regularly since then. 

Growing up I never played any racquet/bat and ball type sports. It wasn't till some friends of ours suggested we come along and try this sport with a weird name that I had never even heard of, that we gave it a go.

My husband (Brian Krisanski), who is an ex-tennis player, jumped in with both feet and was immediately hooked. Having not played a sport like this before, it took me a little longer...

While not as "obsessed" as my husband, I now play a couple times a week regularly and love the social side of this sport.

I have always enjoyed racquet sports including tennis, squash, badminton, and table tennis but as the legs got older the enthusiasm to be run ragged across a tennis court started to wane. I was introduced to Pickleball in 2022 and apart from being less stressful on the body, I found it to be very enjoyable with lots of involvement due to the high energy and speed that the game is played at. It is also been a great way to participate in a hobby with my wife and make lots of new friends.

I always enjoyed playing tennis and squash when I was younger and would spend all my school holidays either at the tennis courts or at a squash centre but as I got older I somehow just stopped playing.

A friend (fellow committee member Janice Smith) mentioned to me that she and her partner had tried Pickleball and it was so much fun and that I should give it a go.

After my first attempt, I was addicted and now play as much as I can.

Not only does it keep me more active but I have met so many lovely people. We have a good laugh on social nights and put our game face on for competitive nights.

If you want to stay active and have some fun then I cannot recommend this sport enough but be prepared once you are addicted there is no going back!

Paul maintains an exceptionally dynamic and busy work-life balance, embarking on extensive business travels as a senior executive for a U.S. company.

Since adopting Pickleball after many years playing squash he appreciates the sport's ability to engage and attract all ages to participate, it is truly a sport for the whole family to play and get involved.

"The race for excellence has no finishing line." Get involved with the fastest growing sport in Australia today you won’t regret it.

I was looking for a different sport to try when I read about Pickleball in the local paper. It certainly sounded different, so I thought I’d give it a try, much to the amusement of my husband! 

I was hooked from my first session, I wasn’t good, but I had fun. Today, I’m still not good, slightly better, but I’m still having fun….oh and so is my husband! 

Hi, my name is Kerrie and my husband and I started playing Pickleball two years ago. I love the game and it provided me with the opportunity to make new friends and improve my fitness. I would love to introduce people with disabilities to the game of pickleball as it is a sport that can accommodate varied abilities and levels of fitness. Come on… don’t be shy, come and join us… but be warned, it’s addictive!!

After playing Badminton for 35 years, I was looking for something more gentle on the body so I could stay active.

Once I had a go at playing Pickleball I was soon addicted to the sport, now playing up to six times a week!  It's such a fun way to keep active and socialise at the same time.

People are jumping on board to play the fastest growing sport in the world and once you give it a go you will understand why. Look forward to seeing you on the courts.

Jason started to play Pickleball in October 2022 after giving it a try on Mt Tambourine. Coming from a tennis background it didn't take Jason long to adapt his playing style to that required for Pickleball. He now plays multiple times a week across a variety of locations in and out of Brisbane and has thrown himself into the tournament atmosphere with hopes to win some medals on a state and eventually a national level. Jason's passion for the sport has seen him become a Level 1 qualified referee. As a Maths teacher Jason regularly applies Pickleball as context behind his questions and from this he has generated plenty of interest in his school.