Our Vision, Mission Statement, Values & Beliefs

Our Vision

To grow and promote Pickleball for all ages, levels, and abilities by creating and cultivating an environment that promotes enjoyment, health, and social engagement.


Our Mission

  • To promote and grow the sport of Pickleball throughout the bayside suburbs Brisbane.
  • To provide affordable recreational and competitive play opportunities for all levels of ability.
  • Support and encourage players to reach their full potential, no matter their aspirations, through coaching and skill development.
  • To provide a fun, safe, and enjoyable environment that aims to foster the well-being of all members.
  • To promote community through inclusiveness and diversity, engagement, social connection, and accessibility for all.


Our Values and Beliefs

  • Pickleball is for everyone
  • Civil, open, and honest communication is key to all enjoying our club, events, and facilities
  • Members’ ideas, concerns, and feedback are critical to our club
  • Encourage all to participate and contribute to the club
  • Display respect and tolerance towards all others
  • When we all work together, we all go farther faster.
  • Pickleball is fun!